Another Hollywood Actress Comes Out as a Transphobe

Yet another Hollywood Actress decided to consider playing a Trans Man - even though she's not a man herself. Transphobes outing themselves makes life a lot easier for us.

PotD #78: A “My Name is Riley” Book Announcement

An important announcement about the My Name is Riley book. Further updates to come. #T3ddyTalk #MyNameIsRiley #LGBTQ #LGBTQNovel

Post of the Day #33

For some reason, it sounds like a bad idea to host a conference about Trans people when you don't know anything about Trans people, and haven't invited any Trans people... #T3ddyTalk #LGBTQ #PostOfTheDay

2019 – Our Year at a Glimpse

2019 was a productive year for us... This is our year at a glimpse.