Voldemort tutorial

A couple of weeks ago (May 2nd) it was Harry Potter day! Now before you judge, I am going to watch it... it's next on my list after Star wars.. bUT i haven't yet watched it. However I'm aware of some of the iconic characters! I've also always wanted to turn myself into this character … Continue reading Voldemort tutorial

AHS Series

Hello gals n pals, Today i'm going to be talking to you about my AHS series! I did this over the last three weeks of April (AHS April)  AHS: Murder house For this season I wanted to do Tate as he was my favorite character, he had the best storyline and the best acting let's … Continue reading AHS Series

How to apply a bald cap

hey pals today I'm going to be talking you through how to apply a bald cap in depth, i'll post a video at the end if you're a more visual learner you will need A Bald capWitch hazel - optionalProsaide AcetoneCotton tipscissors Hair gel and a comb and hairbands if long hairHair dryer - optional … Continue reading How to apply a bald cap

Coming up with ideas

As an artist it's really hard to come up with ideas sometimes, kinda like a writer's block. But an artist block… is that a thing? Sounds like it could be a thing…  Anyhow, here's my top three things I do when I've got a block. Pinterest I love pinterest it's one of the many websites … Continue reading Coming up with ideas

Easter SFX’s

Hey gals n pals Hope you guys are safe and sound! I hope you guys also enjoyed Easter, it was a weird weekend for us all I think. My family were supposed to go camping and ended up bothering me the whole weekend so…. I also Forgot to post last week so you’re getting two … Continue reading Easter SFX’s

Jake Jamie X Revolution Collection

There are tonnes of Beauty Influencers and celebrities coming out with make-up lines, but rarely are any coming out with Skin care. There is one Brand that did though, Revolution got Jake Jamie who is a beauty influencer (more skincare) Who creates wack videos on facemasks and skin products. #T3ddyTalk #Skincare #SFXAimee

My Top 10 Eyeshadow Palettes

Our first post from our resident Make Up and SFX Guru, Aimo! "This is probably the hardest thing I’m ever going to decide due to me owning over 100 different pallets, a collection worth 3 years. Yes, I’m a bit obsessive. However, I do things that make me happy, and eyeshadow palettes makes me happy..."