PotD #74: Misgendering In Isolation

After six years of being out, and two mental breaks. I had a breakthrough in the relationship with my parents. #T3ddyTalk #MentalHealth #LGBTQ

PotD #73: Mental Health in Isolation

Mental Health can deteriorate quickly, as I've found out. I've never stooped so low, so quickly. But I know the signs, and I'm making sure I get the help I need before it's too late. #T3ddyTalk #MentalHealth #LGBTQ

Thought of the Day #6

"I am an organisational god!" It's not unknown that I'm good at organising stuff and plotting. If I was an evil genius, I would've plotted and successfully taken over the world by the age of 12. But I'm not evil, so here we are...

“We can’t afford it!” – Mental Health Support in Universities

A throwback to April 2018 when figures were released about what universities spend their money on while saying they don't have money to spend on essentials, such as Mental Health Support.