Trick or Treat Heartbeat – Flash Fiction

This was written a few years ago for Butterfly Pride magazine for Halloween. And with posting issues that we've had today, I thought a little update and publishing was required. Hope you enjoy this piece of Flash Fiction. #T3ddyTalk #TeddyGutierrez #Halloween #Throwback

Post of the Day #29

Violence again same sex couples is not uncommon in many major cities in the UK. This is a fiction based around the truths of many of many attacks. #T3ddyTalk #TeddyGutierrez #LGBTQ

Post of the Day #23

Another day, another prompt to get me writing a short story. Here's a small piece with scenes of a sexual nature and mentions of cheating and neglect. #T3ddyTalk #PostOfTheDay #EroticShortStory

Post of the Day #22

"Write a dialogue only scene of two people stuck in a lift" A flash fiction piece detailing the few trapped minutes between Kiki and Ashton. #T3ddyTalk #PostOfTheDay