I started podcasting in 2017, after leaving the Radio Industry.

Although I enjoyed being a Radio Presenter and DJ, I prefer no pressure recording much more. I have issues with speech, and one is that I often swear/curse without intend and sometimes have outbursts. This is hilarious for an adult orientated podcast for the internet, but not so much for a community wide, child friendly radio show.

So, after leaving Radio, I decided to stick to podcasting – hosting my first official Podcast (or at least one where I released more than five episodes), The Rainbow Raft.

I’ve enjoyed creating Rainbow Raft, it’s been fantastic. But it’s too niche. Rainbow Raft is a Queer/LGBT/GRSVP Podcast, which I wanted to do when I started. However, trying to tie the community into every episode is stressful. Especially without help.

Which is why I’m going to be embarking on my own podcast – T3ddy & Friends Podcast, I’ll probably come up with a new name for it. But, it’s going to be able all the things I know what to talk about without the direct need for certain topics and subjects to be visited in every episode.

Extra freedom is the easiest way for me to put it.

The T3ddy & Friends Podcast will be releasing on December 22nd 2019. It’s going to be a weekly cast, and will be available on all popular platforms, with features from my partner, Skylar, and others.

A bonus episode is already up! Listen to it here.

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to hear, let me know!

Either by contacting me on social media or filling in the form on the Contact Us page.