Christian Miller’s world was turned upside down when he awoke inside a box, having been purchased by a wealthy eccentric.
After losing his sight as a child, Evan Malco was determined not to lose his independence as well. Dedicating his life and his hard-earned fortune to creating a more dignified alternative to a seeing-eye dog, he jumped at the offer to develop a more life-like mechanical assistant when it was given. But neither one expected what happened next. When past choices threaten to shatter their worlds, will they turn to each other to find what they need, or will the barriers between them prove to be too high?

A Scifi Romance by Sophie J Clark, set to release in March 2020, with all the Scifi and Gay Romance that you need.
This book is perfect for lovers of Tobias and My Mate.

Cover Release Date: 22/02/20
Book Release: 07/03/20