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We’re always look for people to join us! Here are the opportunities that we have.
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Writing Opportunities

For all your writing opportunities needs!

Content Requirements:

Accepted Topics: All Topics are accepted. Trigger and Content Warnings to be used on triggering and descriptive content.
Content Types: Articles, Poems, Short Stories, and Serialised Novels. All work will be proofread by yourself and our team of administrators.
Writing Types: Articles – Casual, Poems – Intermediate, Short Stories and Novels – Intermediate. For those who need assistance with editing, our admin team will assist with editing on request.
Frequency of Contribution: Guest Author, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Please specify this when applying.
Maturity: 16 – 18+. All our work is designed for Young Adults and Adults. Cursing, Swearing, and Descriptive content is allowed. Trigger and Content warnings will be in place for detailed content. Otherwise, the site is expected to be explicit.

No Hate Speech.
No Copyright Infringement.
No Reposting Content without Consent.

Onto the opportunities!

T3ddy Talk Bloggers

Fancy writing on a growing site and getting your voice heard? We’re happy for you to be a guest author or a permanent feature, if you’re interested, fill in the form below.

Please provide a view only link to a piece of work on a Onedrive or Google Drive platform. This can be a selection of poems (max 5), an article, or a short story.

Teddy Bear Content Authors

For the authors out there looking for a content support group. We will help you with your proofreading, editing, cover design, and marketing of your novel(s) and collections. In return, we ask for a weekly piece of content on T3ddyTalk. Interested? Fill in the form below.

Please provide a view only link to a piece of work on a Onedrive or Google Drive platform. This can be a selection of poems (max 5), an article, or a short story.

New Vibes Anthology

We’re putting together this anthology as a Free to Download Anthology to showcase our talents. It’s free to enter – there’s no fee! There’s no theme for your writing, you have full free range. We just advise to keep the name, New Vibes, in mind.

We’re open to Poems, Short Stories, Serialised Stories, and photographs/artwork accompanied by writing. The deadline is January 29th 2020.

For more information continue reading about this opportunity here…

Other Opportunities

For all your creative and meme needs. Here are other opportunities by us.

Creative Content Producer

If you’re creative, but not in the sense of writing. That’s okay! We’re interested in all kinds of work. Whether it’s writing or art. Have a comic strip that you’d like to contribute with? Well, this part would be for you. Art, Music, and Videography is included in this submission.

Please provide a link to your best work – whether that is on Instagram, Google Drive, Facebook, or Youtube.

Social Media Contributors

We’re always looking for ways to engage our social media audience. If writing long pieces isn’t your thing, but you like posting tasteful memes and quotes – we’re here for that. Fill in the form below!

T3ddy & Friends Co-Hosts/Guest Stars

We’re looking for Co-Hosts and Guest Stars for the upcoming T3ddy & Friends Podcast.
We will be covering a range of topics – from politics to news with a sense of comedy.
If you’re interested in being a re-occurring Co-Host, or just being a Guest Start, fill in the form below!