Story Starts – Guild Challenge

Today's challenge came from my World of Warcraft Classic guild leader, who, after discovering that I'm a writer, set me the challenge of writing about our guild through the lens of our character's fighting through Blackwing Lair!

Throwback Thursday: The Establishment of LLLRanting

7 years ago, I started "LLLRanting". We created magazines for LGBTQ people and those suffering with mental health issues. It was an outlet for me, and a break for others. I'm hoping to get our community together like that again... #T3ddyTalk #GRSVP #LGBTQ

Close to the Sun – Review

While flipping through the games Nintendo had for the switch on their marketplace we found this game. Looking at the screenshots, it gives off a Bioshock feel as this game takes place in the 19th century. First impressions were quite good since, in this game, they're not afraid to put you in tense situations without … Continue reading Close to the Sun – Review