Finding Happiness within Your Writing

“Even when the world around you is crazy, you will always be able to find a sanctuary within your writing.” It was a quote - or rather paraphrase of one - that caused me to wonder: When, in my life, will I ever find that?

PotD #83: Bonding Time

I baked with my mother, then sent the baked goods around to my neighbours houses to brighten up their Passover and Easter Weekend. #T3ddyTalk #HappyPassover #HappyEaster #Baking

PotD #81: I Got Bored – So I Cross Stitched

I got bored... I get bored easily, mainly because I prefer to be doing several things at once. So, I decided to start cross-stitching again! #T3ddyTalk #CrossStitch

PotD #80: Treat Yourself Thursday – Part Two!

We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself and perform self care! Do what you want to do! #T3ddyTalk #SelfCare

PotD #78: A “My Name is Riley” Book Announcement

An important announcement about the My Name is Riley book. Further updates to come. #T3ddyTalk #MyNameIsRiley #LGBTQ #LGBTQNovel

PotD #74: Misgendering In Isolation

After six years of being out, and two mental breaks. I had a breakthrough in the relationship with my parents. #T3ddyTalk #MentalHealth #LGBTQ