PotD #83: Bonding Time

I baked with my mother, then sent the baked goods around to my neighbours houses to brighten up their Passover and Easter Weekend. #T3ddyTalk #HappyPassover #HappyEaster #Baking

Cooking with Teddy: Melt in the Mouth Cookies

Everyone loves gooey cookies, right? Here's my rendition of the classic gooey chocolate chip cookie... Mine's a tad minty! #T3ddyTalk #StaySafe #GooeyCookies #CookieRecipe

Post of the Day #28

I've been asked how I can forget to eat... It's simple - I never feel hungry. So I have to remind myself. I set alarms to remind me to eat. #T3ddyTalk #TeddyGutierrez #EatingDisorders

Thought of the Day #17

"I want to eat less meat." With my health plan underway, eating less meat just feels better. Mushroom Burgers for the WIN! #T3ddyTalk #ThoughtOfTheDay

Throwback Thursday: The Establishment of LLLRanting

7 years ago, I started "LLLRanting". We created magazines for LGBTQ people and those suffering with mental health issues. It was an outlet for me, and a break for others. I'm hoping to get our community together like that again... #T3ddyTalk #GRSVP #LGBTQ

Food and I

We all know my relationship with food is a difficult and complicated one. Between starving myself and the overeating to purge situation, food and I have never really got on...

The Effects of Gluten Intolerance

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance as a side effect of issues with my auto immune system. After being gluten free for three years, I can advise that my immune system improved without gluten... But now I can't afford my gluten-free diet.