Story Starts – The Early Birthday

Well, today this writing prompt caught my eye. It made me think of stories I’d read as a child and the logic that ran through them. It spoke to me on a deep level and so, without further adieu, I present to you: The Early Birthday.

Story Starts – Guild Challenge

Today's challenge came from my World of Warcraft Classic guild leader, who, after discovering that I'm a writer, set me the challenge of writing about our guild through the lens of our character's fighting through Blackwing Lair!

PotD #84: Greeting Cards

I've been wanting to design greetings cards for a while... So, I decided to pick it up again but actually think about doing it as a small business. What do you think? What kind of cards would you be interested in buying? #T3ddyTalk #GreetingCards #LGBTQ

PotD #81: I Got Bored – So I Cross Stitched

I got bored... I get bored easily, mainly because I prefer to be doing several things at once. So, I decided to start cross-stitching again! #T3ddyTalk #CrossStitch

New Vibes – Issue #1 – Release

After months of waiting, it's finally here - and just in the nick of time. Here's the first issue of our LGBTQ Fiction Magazine, New Vibes. Ready and FREE to download! Enjoy. #T3ddyTalk #NewVibes #LGBTQ #FreeToDownload

Post of the Day #42

We are breaking the records of LLLRanting and My Name is Riley, and we're only two months into the year. We hope you continue enjoying our work as much as we enjoy creating it. #T3ddyTalk #ThankYou #Celebration

Trick or Treat Heartbeat – Flash Fiction

This was written a few years ago for Butterfly Pride magazine for Halloween. And with posting issues that we've had today, I thought a little update and publishing was required. Hope you enjoy this piece of Flash Fiction. #T3ddyTalk #TeddyGutierrez #Halloween #Throwback