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How to apply a bald cap

hey pals today I'm going to be talking you through how to apply a bald cap in depth, i'll post a video at the end if you're a more visual learner you will need A Bald capWitch hazel - optionalProsaide AcetoneCotton tipscissors Hair gel and a comb and hairbands if long hairHair dryer - optional … Continue reading How to apply a bald cap

Coming up with ideas

As an artist it's really hard to come up with ideas sometimes, kinda like a writer's block. But an artist block… is that a thing? Sounds like it could be a thing…  Anyhow, here's my top three things I do when I've got a block. Pinterest I love pinterest it's one of the many websites … Continue reading Coming up with ideas

Deck Interview – My Oldest Deck

I wanted to mix things up, so this week meet my oldest Tarot deck. A quick interview spread, with my Vampire Tarot. Hopefully the first in a series of posts I plan to use to break up the more informational posts.