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Starface Spot Care

hey peeps, today I'm going to be telling you my experience with Star face, which is a new upcoming brand who target people with spots. I found this by two ways really, I saw Charlotte Roberts receive a package and thought they were cute. Then two days later it came up on my instagram adverts, … Continue reading Starface Spot Care

Story Starts – Guild Challenge

Today's challenge came from my World of Warcraft Classic guild leader, who, after discovering that I'm a writer, set me the challenge of writing about our guild through the lens of our character's fighting through Blackwing Lair!

Voldemort tutorial

A couple of weeks ago (May 2nd) it was Harry Potter day! Now before you judge, I am going to watch it... it's next on my list after Star wars.. bUT i haven't yet watched it. However I'm aware of some of the iconic characters! I've also always wanted to turn myself into this character … Continue reading Voldemort tutorial

Story Starts – The Upload

Today's Story Start came from a conversation that I had with my partner about the future of the internet and what life will become if social media has it's way with us...

AHS Series

Hello gals n pals, Today i'm going to be talking to you about my AHS series! I did this over the last three weeks of April (AHS April)  AHS: Murder house For this season I wanted to do Tate as he was my favorite character, he had the best storyline and the best acting let's … Continue reading AHS Series