About Us

T3ddyTalk was initially put together as a place for Teddy to work and collaborate with friends and other writers.
After gaining a following, Teddy opened up the site to other talents as residents – giving us the original five.
The original five are Teddy, Skylar, Sophie, Danchou, and Aimo. They’re all extremely talented, in their own ways, with their own specialities.
But, our team is forever growing. Want to know more about everyone on our team? Check out the Our Team page for producer bios.
Want to be a part of the team? Apply on the Get Involved page.

Teddy Gutierrez – Founder, Editor, Lead Writer, and Graphic Artist.
Nothing goes on T3ddyTalk without it going through them.

Skylar Gutierrez – Co-Founder, Reviewer, and Pokémon fanatic.
They review anything – from Shaun the Sheep to The Grudge.

Sophie J Clark – the first resident author to join the group. She’s part of the LGBTQ community and loves writing LGBTQ content.

Danchou – we sometimes call him the Spiderman. He’s into spirituality, so if you’re into tarot cards, and readings – catch him on Tuesdays.

Aimo/Aimee – the last of the original five to join us. Aimo is our art, beauty, make-up, and SFX guru. If you like gore looks and pop art, body positivity, and make up reviews and tips – Wednesdays will be your favourite.