Character Challenge – Sunrise

Today’s word was Sunrise! Evan decided to meet the challenge head-on!

“Umm, that feels so good,” Evan said, stretching on top of his sheets and delighting in the way the sun’s heat sank into his skin.

“I have to admit,” Christian replied, watching the pink defuse across the sky. “The view’s pretty spectacular.”

“I do what I can with what I’ve got,” Evan teased, reaching out to find his boyfriend’s hand.

“Yeah, and what you’ve got is most of the bed,” Christian pointed out.

“And an inbuilt alarm clock, don’t forget that,” Evan reminded him as he gestured to the glass wall. “It works wonders for those early morning work out’s that everyone’s so keen on these days.”

“Don’t tell me; you were part of the five a.m workout crew before it was cool?” Christian scoffed. 

Evan grinned. He’d found the arm Christian was using to lean on and, in one swift motion, he grabbed it and pulled him so that he would collapse on top of him. “Oh yes,” he purred once Christian had stopped swearing. “I do love a good early-morning sweat.” He licked his ear. “It starts the day with a bang, don’t you think?”

Christian growled but let Evan flip them over and groaned when he ground down onto him. “Why don’t you show me?” he gasped. “Perhaps you can convert me to your wild ways?”

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