Another Hollywood Actress Comes Out as a Transphobe

Yet another Hollywood Actress has decided to take on a role that isn’t for them.

And I’m not saying that we should only ever hire Trans actors to play Trans characters. But, I am a strong believer that a character should be played by someone matching the character.

In the same way that Scarlett Johansson shouldn’t’ve played Major in Ghost in a Shell because she’s not Japanese (and for those who want to make the comment that Major is supposed to be German in origin – she also isn’t German…).

But I strongly believe that Trans Men should be played by Men – whether Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, or Cisgender. A Man should play a Man. It’s not a hard concept, we’re no longer in the Shakespearean era when Men played all characters no matter the gender.

If the character is a Trans Woman, I’d expect a Woman to play the character – once again, whether they’re Trans, Cis, or Gender Non-Conforming. If she identifies as a woman, she can play the part.

But it’s distressing and upsetting how many bootlicking, gatekeeping trans people are arguing FOR Halle Berry to play a Trans Man.

No. Whether the character is pre-transition, during or post. You do no get a woman to play a man. And you shouldn’t get men to play women (The Danish Girl being a prime example of this).

Having a woman play a Trans Man, is like confirming that Trans Men are just women. Or Trans Women are just men in dresses because that’s how Hollywood portrays them.

If you really need an example of someone playing a Trans Women who is Cisgender, and isn’t a man, then watch Salt by Bad Suns.

This is a music video about a Trans Women. It shows her pre-transition, during, and post. And guess what, they got a woman to play the part.

This is how trans people need to be represented if they can’t find an actor for the part. Gender Identities need to align. It’s the one thing that is done constantly in films and TV, it shouldn’t be different for Trans People.

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