Making Space for Tarot

One of the things that I’ve come across on my own personal journey with spirituality is this idea of a ‘Sacred Space’. If you’ve been researching you’ve probably come across this idea too. So what exactly is a Sacred Space and do you need one for reading your cards? 

Personally, I’ve never had a specific physical space, as much as I have a mental one; a headspace that I find I need to be in to connect with my cards. For the most part, this has served me well. I have a strong connection with my main deck – The Vampire tarot – which I did an interview for. But now, as I’ve gotten older, and my interest in all things spiritual has waxed and waned, I find myself at a crossroads. I’m starting to feel a desire for a small corner to dedicate to my craft. 

The purpose of a Sacred Space

Your Sacred Space can be as large as a room or as small as a table in one corner. It could even be a pop-up space that you set up and then put away. As long as it helps you to focus clearly and stay grounded, then it is doing it’s job.

Ideally it should be simple, and uncluttered – think less is more. The idea is to encourage relaxation, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be exclusive for your Tarot. You could make a small reading corner with a table that you place a cloth over to lay out your readings. The mind makes associations, and having a designated space to relax in is something that a lot of people can find helpful.

So how does this help with tarot? Well, ideally when beginning a tarot reading you should be in the right mental headspace; you need to be relaxed and calm. Strong emotions can colour your perceptions and can influence your interpretation of your cards. For this reason, I have always been reluctant to read for my friends if I’ve not been feeling 100%. I’m sure we can all agree that it’s harder to focus in a noisy environment than in a quieter one and reading while unwell or upset would never be good for anyone.

Creating a Sacred Space

We all have different living arrangements and some of us will have more space than others, the important thing is to make the space your own. It’s for you and should be a reflection of you.

Perhaps you like candles? Well, there’s no reason why you couldn’t include candles, and you could even consider changing the colour of the candle to fit the reading you’re doing. If you’re doing a distance reading where the client isn’t present, you could consider a picture frame to include an image to represent your client.

If you’re lucky enough to have a permanent space for your readings then you could use it to store your Tarot journal and use it as the space for your daily draw. Depending on your routine you could follow your draw with a brief meditation; the possibilities really are endless. If you don’t have space you designate full time, then you can still create a space using a few items to transform the area for spiritual use. A Tarot cloth would be one of the easiest, and can simply be stored away after.

Perhaps you could consider a decorative storage box to hold your cards, tarot cloth and other items in? The act of setting up your space can function as a useful meditation to prepare yourself for the reading you’re about to perform. 

Deciding if a Sacred Space is the right approach for you

I’m a firm believer that spirituality and Tarot should be accessible for anyone who wants to learn and even now I have never really gone to the trouble of making a designated space. There are many reasons for this, ranging from living arrangements to the practicality of setting such a space up. However, the idea of creating a place has become more attractive over the last few years. 

In the past, I’ve always viewed my tarot space as a state of mind. My approach has always been to do something to ground myself before starting a reading, be that for myself or somebody else; it’s always important to make sure that you’re grounded. The method I prefer is meditation, and this can be something as simple as a mental exercise – taking a few minutes out to focus on a chant, a candle flame, a piece of music or even just your own breathing – if you’re not able to relax then you won’t be able to focus, and this will impact on anything intuitive you try to do.

What should I do if I want to create a Sacred space?

The first step is deciding that you want to create one, the next is to consider where that space will be and how it will be used.

Are you only going to use it for Tarot? Or is Tarot simply one facet of your spirituality? If you want a multi-functional space then I would strongly urge you to consider a semi-permanent approach so that you can switch the space around for each use. However, if you intend for it to be solely for your cards, then make the cards the focal point. It doesn’t need to be elaborate – less can be more, but the intent of the space should be what you bear in mind.

If it feels like it’s missing something, examine why, the more cluttered you make it, the more distracted you’ll feel. As you grow and develop spirituality, the area should evolve with you so don’t be afraid to swap things out over time. 

Remember it’s your space and, ultimately, what is allowed into it is up to you. 

I’d like to take a moment to let my readers know that this will be my last post for a while, as I have come to a point where I need to take some time out. There are personal matters which I need to attend to, so I hope leaving you all with this will give you something to work towards. If you’ve found my posts helpful in any way then I am grateful to have been given the chance to guide you. Watch this space though, as I do plan to return, and talk more about spirituality with a more holistic approach.

Until then, thank you for letting me join you on your journey.

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