Story Starts – I See Live Monsters

Today’s Story Start comes from my other half, who actually yelled this whilst playing a game. I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Meet the monster

The creature hissed and drew her lips back revealing bright, white teeth.

How had this become his life?

His colleagues thought it was stress; that he’d finally snapped under the weight of the endless paperwork his job had saddled him with. Sam knew better. He’d seen it with his own eyes, felt her skin with his bare hands and – lord help him – revelled in the creatures undivided attention ever since he’d laid eyes upon her a month ago.

In the beginning, it had just been dreams – flashes of death, stark, unrestrained beauty and bone-chilling loneliness.

He shuddered when the first memory he had of her returned.

He saw her again, huddled over the torn and bloody body, gorging herself on the stranger’s flesh. Sam couldn’t move. He just stood there, staring. He was locked in place by a horrified mixture of fascination, terror and – he swallowed – guilty arousal, that he couldn’t understand. He’d realised too late that, if he could see the creature, then it could also see him.

With a snarl, it tore a chunk of meat from its victim’s arm and sniffed, catching his scent on the breeze. Looking up, it locked eyes with Sam and startled in fright, edging around the corpse’s head, as if placing the body between itself and Sam would somehow keep it safe. Sam hadn’t known what to do and had been relieved when, a few seconds later, he’d startled awake as his cat batted at his arm to get his attention. His morning alarm was sounding.

The relief had lasted until he’d arrived home from work that evening. Clutching a slightly overdone piece of toast in one hand, and a mug of extra strong coffee in the other, he’d sat in his battered chair and flipped on the news.

After that, even the plain toast had been a challenge to get down.

The traumatised look on the reporter’s face had said more than her words ever could.

“In the early hours of the morning, police had been alerted to the scene by a concerned neighbour,” she had said, remaining professional despite the colour of her cheeks. “At this stage of the investigation not much is known, but our sources have suggested that the police are considering all possibilities; chief amongst them, that an unknown animal may have been responsible for this horrific death.”

Sam had turned off the TV and tried to block the irrational sense of guilt from his mind. It wasn’t his fault after all, and what could he say, exactly? “Err, yes, I need to speak to an officer, please. I dreamt about what happened and need to tell you that you should look for a…” a what? What had it been?

He knew that it was female – it was most definitely female. It’s breasts may have been small, and it’s hips only slightly curved, but the fact that it was very naked meant that Sam was confident in his assessment. So why had he wondered what it was?

He closed his eyes and watched, again, as the nightmare unfold. Behind the snarl of its lips, its teeth had been regular; bloodstained, but normal. It’s hands had been curled into fists, but he thought that he could make out the hint of a claw underneath the mass of flesh and gore. It was the creature’s skin that drew his attention, though. He couldn’t be sure because of the light, but it appeared to him to be mottled grey and – Sam screwed his eyes tighter, desperately trying to focus on what he’d seen – was that a suggestion of scales at the base of its spine?

He shook his head and opened his eyes. Dexter was sat at his feet. He meowed hopefully and stared at the floor. There was a dead mouse.

“Thanks,” Sam muttered. “Just what I needed.”



Sophie, signing out.

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