Disney makeup collab

A few weeks ago I organised a Disney Makeup collab and it was EPIC! I fully enjoyed giving out the roles and then seeing everyone come to life.

On TikTok I literally had a week where loads of MUAs came up on my For You Page and i was obsessed with each of them. So I followed them all on instagram and wanted to do a collab (I’d never done one before so was a bit nervous)

I gathered up a team and asked there top three Disney Villains and then assigned accordingly. So now I’m going to show you the amazing creators I worked with!

Here is my first look, I used Mehron paints and I made the beard and little ears with card.

Next up was Heather who I knew would be able to slay Ursula, what she did was amazing and I think a great twist to Ursla if she was a real life person. I will never get over how talented Heather is, her style is immaculate and i literally am in love with all her looks. So underrated .

Next up is Cait as Cruella, this character 100% suited her style, I love that she also used SFX. That such a cool twist and with the dalmatian print in the wounds it was just so simple but so effective! I think Cait just really suits being a bad guy I mean look at her pose, what a legend.

We then had Clove and she matched my cartoon style which I loved! Did the eyes better than me though but im not mad!

Clove is so underrated and i don’t think any of us expected her to pull out this, but she surprised us all and its amazing! I just think this is so perfect like the blend the colour match its just great.

Tabby did the Evil queen in snow white and TABBY MAN… I can’t believe she is only 16. At first she worried us all as she was supposed to do maleficent but then switched to the evil queen. Tabbys looks are always so cute… so I was expecting something small and dainty, but dang again… she surprised us all with this EPIC queen look!

Then we have Leah, her style is so different to the above. But she KILLED it with the detail, she wanted madame mim. Girl…. i was like? who tf is that and had to google it. But I told her to go for it as no one else had selected her and imagine being talented that you can draw a small little character on your face…. I could never..I hate details.

When i think of Saule I think of epic eye shadow looks, so was just expecting her to do the queen of hearts as a cool eye shadow look. SHE BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN honestly. I had so many surprised during this collab that I didn’t expect them all to do. I think Saule is SO iconic and the crown and just eveRYTHING AHHH

Last but not least is Cora as Maleficent. When Tabby decided she wanted to do the evil queen I was like…hmmm but maleficent is such an icon. I message Cora a bit last minute and asked if she wanted to be Maleficent and she agree which was super cool as then we all got to witness this amazingness which is Cora do her eyeshadow work. I love how she did this and made it her own as well and she pulled it off so quickly.

And thats it! I hope you enjoyed looking at all these different artists looks, they’re all so amazing and some of my favourite MUAS!

Heres a ‘Pass the Brush’ Tiktok:


check them all out! @he4thyr @caitlin.db @clovemua @makeupbytabby @coramachin._ @makeupfxleah @artistrybysaule #fyp #foryou

♬ Sexy – JoeVille

Peace out


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