Lush Kitchen subscription box

I love the brand Lush.

I have a whole area in my bathroom dedicated to different lush products. So when I found out they’d be doing a subscription box? I was ALL for it!

It cost £35, however I got mine sent for free due to some complications with their emails and IT team. Which I thought was great, for me… I spent £250 on lush this month i feel like i deserved this haha!

This months box came with 5 exclusive different products and I’ll list them below.

  1. Moon on a stick.

This was a bath bomb which actually surprised me because they’ve never really done a bath bomb on a stick, I thought it was a bubble bar at first. This bath bomb was available back in 2016 and i’m not sure why it was discontinued and at this time I was still in college so couldn’t afford Lush.

The Bath bomb smelt like Ylang Ylang and flowers, but it wasn’t overbearing and really couldn’t smell it too much. If the bath bomb didn’t have specs of blue around it I would have though it would have been like a soothing white bath bomb. When I put it on it reminded me of Ariana Grande God is a woman music video.

I forgot to take a photo of it, so heres a tik tok of me using it and a photo of what it looked liked after I put it in the bath.

2. Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel

I LOVED the scent of this. The day I got it I used it. It smells so much like cookies, it does say its infused by coffee and coco powder but you can’t really smell the coffee (personally)

It came in 100g, I would have loved to swap the next product and this products sizes around as this one is the better scent. Now this product was a thing back in 2013!

Another thing to mention it is quiet a heavy sower gel compared to some and I think this is down to the different products. You’ll also see this as the two different products have separated from each other in the tub after I used it, juts have to give it a good shake before using.


I’m not really sure what to say about this one, I didn’t like the scent one bit. I’m not a big fan of earth…dirty scents. It smells similar to Lord of Misrule which is a permanent product. Its a very acquired taste…This scent also used to be a bubble bar from 2015 which you might recongise if you’re a lush fan.

The colour is really cool, it looks black from the bottle but is a really dark green when on your hand.

4. Abominable Shower Jelly

I don’t understand shower Jellies.

They fit this big Jelly in a small tub and it folds out when you want to use it. Its shaped like the Abominable snowman from monster inc. Back last year they actually released a bath bomb like this and i really wanted it but never got it so when i got this i was excited bu at the same time a bit confused.

The scent is very minty but is defiantly very fresh. Also the texture of it is very soft and bubbly when putting over your skin.

5. 29 High Street Fun

The fun items from lush are always really cool (unless in hot weather and they melt and go everywhere) but i mean… for my age, i’m not going to be sitting in the bath making random creatures and playing my little pony am I. I get in the bath to realx…

The smell is always going to smell play doughy to me no matter which scent its supposed to have. However it did smell very fruity and was excited because they’ve never come out with this particular products. It’s always been the perfume that has this scent.

Here is the full menu that came with the Box along with the ingredients which i thought was SO cute!

Overall, I’m glad I got it for free

Would I have been happy with spending £35 on it? I’m not really sure, I only really like 2/5 products however all products are usable and i don’t HATE any and it was a good mix of products and scents.

I do think this is SUCH a cool idea as well, as they’re bringing back old scents and old products as exclusives to the Lush Kitchen subscribers.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Peace out!


(Article written before pictures were found of UK Lush Owner handing out products to Police Officers)

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