White Silence is Violence

You won’t be surprised by the amount of racist Karen’s I’ve been dealing with since George’s murder. As someone who is very outspoken about equality, I have pissed off a lot of people over the past week and a half.

And I’m proud.

Because if I’m getting comments like: “You’re being racist towards white people” and “Deal with your internalized racism” comments, then I’m doing something right.

The reality is, White People cannot experience racism.

Sorry, Reverse Racism isn’t real. It just isn’t. But if you want information on why it’s not, let me explain.

Reverse Racism suggests that you can discriminate – and get away with it – against a majority or in this case – white people.

It’s bullshit. Racism is based on being oppressed and discriminated against. You can experience discrimination based on your race – totally. But are you oppressed as a white person? Fuck no.

I can promise you, as a white person, that I have never been refused a job, a home, or service because I’m white.

It’s never happened, and it never will. We don’t experience racial oppression because we have every upperhand that life could ever offer.

And I know what you’re going to say! “But Teddy, I’m poor!”

Yeah, so am I. I grew up under the poverty line in the UK. I was lucky to be working class as an adult instead of homeless.

But can we say the same for our POC siblings? No.

When the entire world targets you, profiles you, and suspects you’re a criminal for simply existing, then you’re oppressed. But as a white person, you will never experience that.

You might have hardships, but you’re not going to be pulled over by police officers and killed for driving your own car legally.

You might not have a lot of money, but you’re not going to be killed for cashing in a cheque.

You might not be able to afford to go to the gym, but you won’t be killed for jogging through your own damn neighbourhood.

Am I going to deal with my internalized racism? No, because it literally doesn’t fucking exist.

All Lives Matter will never be true until Black Lives Matter.

And if your response to Black Lives Matter is to shout All Lives Matter then you need to realise why we’re protesting and fighting. Because no lives matter until black lives matter. All lives need to matter, and right now it’s just not true.

Make sure to remember that the Looting being seen in the US is majoritvely done by alt-right and Proud Boys. Not BLM. Fires were started by POLICE. Not BLM.

Children have been tear gassed and maced by POLICE while trying to get home.

Police set a curfew then BLOCK Protesters from GOING HOME. SO THEY COULD ARREST THEM.

Support Black Lives Matter, in any way that you can.

If you can protest, do it.

If you can share Black Voices. Do it.

If you can donate, even if it’s just a small donation – do it. Use the button below to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Let’s change the world.

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