Story Starts: Don’t Fear the Reaper

This was my story prompt for today. I couldn’t resist. It was too good. Danchou has a fantastic way of finding the juicy ones!

Without further adieu, I give to you: The Anti-Reaper Squad!

“Of course I can see you,” I say, buckling up for what promised to be a great start to the day. “I’m the gate-keeper, bitch.”

I punched the Reaper in it’s face.

“Ouch,” it said. It sounded rather confused. The people in the corridor rolled their eyes and got back to work. “Why did you do that?”

“There’s been way too much death lately. I’m here to put an end to it,” I declared. “We’ve figured you lot out. You aren’t getting any more souls; not on my watch.” I punched it in the face again and heard it snarl. 

It sliced at me with its scythe, but I dodged out of the way.

“Death comes for everyone,” it said flatly. “You can not delay what is inevitable.”

“Watch me, sucker,” I replied, ducking under its weapon and punching it in what should have been its gut. My hand was meat with nothing but a sucking hole and what felt very much like a spinal cord. 

“I can tell that you’re new here,” the Reaper sighed. “A word of advice, from one professional to another: Never assume that you can beat Death.”

Oh, crap, I thought and looked up just in time to see it’s blade start to swing. This was not going to be a good first shift.

Sophie, Signing out.

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