The Difference Between the Pride Flag and a Rainbow

There has been a public outcry from the LGBTQ+ community due to the appropriation of the Pride Flag by companies and the general public.
Of course, where there is a cry of appropriation, there are also asshats telling us that we’re being too sensitive. But there is a difference between the Rainbow and the Pride Flag – that we know, but seemingly the homophobes don’t. So, let’s take a look.

A rainbow has 7+ colours while the pride flag has just six. The six colour “rainbow” flag is the Pride flag, not the appreciation of the NHS flag. Use a 7 colour rainbow flag or just a rainbow.

But of course, making sure that something that has been representing LGBTQ+ rights for the past 50+ years is just us trying to oppress the majority… No.

“It’s not erasure or appropriation!”
Companies are rebranding LGBTQ+ merch, such as Plymouths Citybus, to Support the NHS.

And I want to support the NHS, I wouldn’t’ve made PPE for them if I didn’t want to. I donate to NHS charities at every opportunity.

But making things that are intended for one community, and changing them to suit a new agenda is shite.

Pride Flag

It’s simple.

If you want to celebrate the NHS, donate to NHS Charities Together. Support the NHS instead of stealing a flag, filling appropriating companies pockets with your money, and leaving NHS workers without.

NHS workers don’t need a flag or a clap… They need food, protection, and support.

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