Story Starts – Guild Challenge Two

OK, so…it turned out that the guild mates really loved the last fic that I wrote for them, and kinda wanted more.

So, for this weeks story start, you shall see the beginning of yet another story that will be completed in full. I haven’t yet completed it, and it will be a while before I do, but when it is done, I shall put it up here in full.


It was a dark and stormy evening in Stranglethorn Vale when our brave explorers stumbled upon the ancient Troll city of Zul’Gurub. It’s magnificent sandstone towers spoke of power and forbidden secrets of the-

“I think I can get the door open, y’know.”

“Yeah…man, it’s not even locked! Look, you just click it and…why’s it raining inside but not outside?”

“That’s some fucked up magic right there.”

“Guys, we still need to summon. Why is everyone going in already?”

Only a group of well-disciplined and highly skilled players would ever be able to dream of defeating what lay beyond the monolithic carved doors of-

“Hey, this snake dropped this kinda charm thing. Look! Look it’s blue and ooh, it’s got words carved in the bottom of it. I think it says Bee-Jay.”

“Dub,” Kirish bemoaned. “I think you’ll find that it says Bi-Jou. It’s French; it means small trinket or piece of jewellery.”

Dub’s face fell. “Ahh, it’s OK then. You can have it. I don’t really do sex-toys anyway.”

“No,” Narcissa explained patiently. “No, Dub, he was saying that it’s _not_ a sex-”

“Hey, are you implying that-”

“Guys!” Dex roared. “We still need to summon!”


Sophie, Signing out.

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