Starface Spot Care

hey peeps, today I’m going to be telling you my experience with Star face, which is a new upcoming brand who target people with spots.

I found this by two ways really, I saw Charlotte Roberts receive a package and thought they were cute. Then two days later it came up on my instagram adverts, so I had to buy some they’re so cute! You’re going to see ‘cute’ a lot, but I mean how can I not use that its a smily little star. The website is also, really well made and your curser is a smiley face and there are stars everywhere!

They have a few different range, hydrostars, big yellow and glow in the dark (At the time of purchase) You can buy them separately and in bundles as well. So I went for the Big yellow and the Glow in the Dark (Limited edition) re-fill patches which was a bundle for £30.

I ordered mine on the 17th April and they arrived on the 20th April, which was pretty great since we’re in quarantine and I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

The packaging is so cute, even the bag it got shipped in had a smiley face on. It comes in a small little yellow box, then again in a small box that are the actual stars in them. Then its this plastic AirPod like case full of stars.

I actually love this whole concept… like everything is the same style and colour and it makes me happy. I love as well that beneath each four stars is a cover protecting the patches. The little case as well is so cute for on the go, I did a Beauty Bay review a while back where they had spot patches and these were randomly laid out on a long sheet of paper and ugly little circle spots. These defiantly put them to shame as they look attractive and you can travel with these easily.

Now onto the actual patches…it wouldn’t be a skincare review without a before and after right? so heres a few

Disclaimer spots-


I actually really rate them, they got rid of the smaller spots on my face. The larger ones took two/three nights to die down. They look good on my face as well, love the glow in the dark ones they remind me of them stickers I used to stick to my ceiling.

Final Ratings:

Packaging – 10/10

Price – 8/10

Appearance – 10/10

Effective – 9/10

So yeah! hope you enjoyed this!

Peace out!

Aimo :O

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