Deepening your Understanding

For this week’s post, I felt that I’d talk about ways to further your understanding by considering other learning materials and resources which are available. When I started learning, the only real option I had was books, and, in particular, the book that came with my cards. However, a quick google search will find various websites offering free tarot readings, courses, books for sale and, of course, various tarot decks. You can now even get mobile apps that aim to guide you in your learning, but are any of these things worth your time?


If you’re somebody who enjoys researching topics, then there is a rich history to the cards just waiting to be discovered. Traditionally, Tarot cards have been used as a card game, and they have links to ‘playing cards’ which we have briefly touched on before.  In fact, you can use normal cards for divination and cartomancy is a topic that I do intend to talk about in the future. 

Reading about the origins of the Tarot helped grow my appreciation for them, and allowed me to see just how much of what you hear is a misconception. For that reason, one of my very first posts was about the more common ones, in an attempt to clear the air and dispel the myths.

If you’re just starting out in developing your intuition, learning more about other forms of fortune-telling can expand your understanding of your cards. For example, from Tarot I jumped back to my earlier interest in Astrology. Each of the 78 cards links to a concept in Western Astrology specifically, be it a Planet or a Zodiac sign, or one of the elements. Learning about those links, in my experience, is useful for developing your reading skill and will allow you to read more intuitively. As it is a large topic in its own right, it deserves its own post. Maybe even a mini-series. 

Learning Resources

As I have mentioned previously, I am a big fan of the Tarot website – [Facade]. If you have an interest in fortune-telling in general, then this site is a valuable place to get examples of how to do readings for things like Runes, and I Ching amongst others. Again I digress.

Over the years I’ve been practising the Tarot, I’ve read various books and spoken to several others who offered me advice on learning. Some of them were more useful than others – I won’t list the books due to how long ago I got them and I honestly don’t know if they’re still available. However, I may review some of the newer ones that I’ve acquired for those readers who would benefit from them. 

Personally I am a great believer that you should find what works for you, and I would hope that I am a useful stepping stone on your journey.

Now that we’ve spent a lot of time together looking at the basics I am hoping to start building on our foundations. I would love to share with my readers the resources that I have personally found useful, be it a website, a book or even a youtube channel. There are a myriad of places to find information, and if you’ve been following my posts from the start, then I hope that you’ve been able to develop a strong bond with your deck.

Building on our Foundations

Moving forward I would like to look deeper into interpreting the cards and talk about exercises that I found useful when I was learning. As well as talk about some things that I only discovered as a more experienced reader but that I wish I had when I was still learning.

I hope you’ll continue to join me for future posts, and always I would like to thank you for joining me. 

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