Story Starts – Guild Challenge

Today’s challenge came from my World of Warcraft Classic guild leader, who, after discovering that I’m a writer, set me the challenge of writing about our guild through the lens of our character’s fighting through Blackwing Lair!

The gavel fell, and the judge’s unanimous cry sounded out throughout the courtroom. You could have heard a penny drop. “For your crimes against common sense and decency, I sentence you to…Blackwing Lair!”

Not a breath could be heard. Not a sound was made. The silence that followed the pronouncement was thick with dread and anticipation. The entire guild would be facing the son of Deathwing himself; they would be-

“Wait, where’s Scolex?”

“Oh, she was signed on the warrant, but couldn’t make the court day.”

“Oh, shit, bro, no way.”

“Yeah, it’s all cool. Real-life happens, y’ know.”

“Sure, sure.”

They would be entering the depths of Blackrock-

“Hey guys, guess what!”

“Shut up, Dub.”

“No, but you don’t underst-“

Shut up, Dub!

You know what? I’m just going to start.

Blackwing Lair: A short story of the misadventures of Sentenced, by Catacus.

I have actually continued this.

It was too compelling not to, so if you would like to read more, then you can either find the remainder of the fic on Archive of Our Own or, alternatively, you can download a PDF of it that my guild-mate kindly put together.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Sophie, signing out

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