Voldemort tutorial

A couple of weeks ago (May 2nd) it was Harry Potter day! Now before you judge, I am going to watch it… it’s next on my list after Star wars.. bUT i haven’t yet watched it. However I’m aware of some of the iconic characters! I’ve also always wanted to turn myself into this character as he has such unique qualites.

And the character is voldemort!

Now I would have made my own prosthetic for this look… but I wanted it to BE perfect and I’m still learning on how to do it nicely. I bought this from a website in america called ‘Mostly Dead’ about 3 months ago and it arrived in 2 weeks and I got cute lil post it notes and stickers with this box (which i think is super cute)

I started off applying a bald cap, which I have done an article about. I then stuck the prosthetic to my face. I did watch a tutorial on how to apply this and also on how to colour. They used paints that were made for prosthetic however.. i didn’t know at the time that you need special paints and also they cost over £50. I found an alternative way of applying paints though. If you have a caster sealer which is used for latex cuts and things to seal them. But also works for applying a layer and painting over.

After I mixed my black and white grimas grease paints and got a light grey colour. I just layered this EVERYWHERE, every damn spot I could find. I then went in with my alcohol activated paints and added blue and red veins. Then put on a dressing gown and held a make-up brush and BOOM Voldemort

Here is some tik toks as well that you can browse through hehe


what HP house are yall? I’m a Slytherin!💚 #fyp #foryou #voldemort #harrypotter

♬ Float on the Sound (Ey) – Tiagz

peace out

Aimo 🙂

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