Game Review: Digimon Cyber Sleuth for the Nintendo Switch

Growing up for me was made fun by shows such as Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Power Rangers and Digimon. These universes were fun to explore and discover the creatures that inhabited them. Except I missed out on Digimon games and for the longest time have wanted to play a game that takes place in the digital world.I’m 12 chapters into the Hackers Dream campaign and have only seen the digital world mentioned here and there by wormmon. 

That doesn’t take away from the game all that much though. Instead they have digimon and people interact in the virtual world of Eden. The environments appear varied for the most part but the colour is what’s used to better showcase different areas. This game could have done much better if it brought the main character to explore the digital world. But overall the game fits for what the story is telling and is not afraid to break the fourth wall. I give this game:

As for the digimon it is overwhelming if you plan to try and register each digivolution in the game. A nice feature they do have though is a digiline where some of your digimon will ask you questions, tell you how they feel or just notify you when they have gifts for you. It’s a bit too much though as you get notifications fairly constantly and for the most part don’t attribute to much other than a facade of bonding with them.

It’s not a perfectly translated game by any means either as i find myself reading over messages multiple times and still not having a clue what I just read. But they do show enough expression in the art style to keep you engaged and laughing at cute little Wormmon. While battling with some of my favourite Digimon is fun, it’s also hindered and helped by the fact they will follow you around in the world of Eden. I love seeing them and knowing they have my back but the screen will get cluttered fast if you have large Digimon and then you can’t really see where you are going or if you are over an item you want to pick up.

Regardless of its many flaws I’m enjoying the game and am eager to see if they bring any more Digimon games to the Nintendo Switch.

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