AHS Series

Hello gals n pals,

Today i’m going to be talking to you about my AHS series!

I did this over the last three weeks of April (AHS April) 

AHS: Murder house

For this season I wanted to do Tate as he was my favorite character, he had the best storyline and the best acting let’s be honest.

AHS: Asylum 

So this one was the hardest as I haven’t fully watched this series as I did get bored. So what I did was re-create the poster for it. 

I did edit my eyes! Whomp! Because i ain’t attempting that again

AHS: Coven

This is by far in my top three AHS series, there so many characters, most of them pretty basic makeup.

I did originally want to do cordilla when she was blind, I did this however and it wasn’t my best work…. So then I needed to do a character you know…and what better than Papa Legba

AHS: Freak show

Another GREAT series, so many characters to choose from but theres one that ive always wanted to do… Twisty the clown

Probably my favorite look i did as well during the month

I made the mask and applied a bald cap (one of my New years resolution)

AHS: Hotel

I don’t really have a favourite character this season, I think everyone did well. So i did the two most iconic characters on my sister and her boyfriend which was really fun!

AHS: Roanoke 

I did watch this season but like…yawn…

I am actually pretty certain this is like, one of the worst seasons they’ve created. When trying to choose a character I was like??? Idk

I didn’t even realise lady gaga was in it, so I wanted to create her character since I missed her.

AHS: Cult

I didn’t watch this season… because i found the first two episodes boring 

So I re-created the poster for it instead! I did the blue post first… BUT THAT WAS A CATASTROPHE. I got my head down and planned out the beehive poster, which I was so so proud of and defiantly rank as my favourite

AHS: Apocalypse

This was the first in a couple series that I actually enjoyed. 

Think the presence of Cody Fern helped, he defo gave it a new flavour. And the old cast coming back was awesome as well.

I was going to do Cody Fern, but wanted to do the poster (which technically is the character?) 

AHS: 1984

I haven’t watched this one yet! I will get round to it, but I can’t pick a favourite character due to this, so I did a 1984 style makeover

AHS…Season 10

This is a complete guess on what I think it will be based on the credits, it definitely has something to do with the ocean… I hope its mermaids

Or like the Bermuda Triangle? that would be so cool!

I didn’t do a makeup for this (well i did but i hated it) so i just thought i’d share my take on it and when it comes around I will do it!

Peace out


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