Story Starts – Bombing Run

Today’s prompt has been provided by the wonderful Danchou and goes a little something like this:

A – Why did you put fireworks next to the bomb?

B – I wanted it to be pretty

A – It was supposed to be subtle

Let’s start!


Xander stared.

“Ryuu? Why did you put the fireworks next to the bomb?”

“I wanted it to be pretty,” Ryuu replied, stroking Xander’s arm and loving the way his skin felt against his hand. He smiled dreamily when it wasn’t pushed away.

“It was supposed to be subtle,” Xander whined. 

“They’re lavender,” Ryuu offered. “Lavender’s subtle.”

“They’re fireworks,” Xander groaned, slumping back into the van as Sebastian drove them away. “Fireworks are not subtle.”

“Neither are bombs,” Ryuu pointed out, laying next to Xander and happily tugging on the buttons of his shirt. 

“But the bomb was necessary,” Xander pointed out, slapping Ryuu’s hand away and trying not to imagine the knowing smirk that Sebastian would be giving them in the rear-view mirror. “You can’t break into a secret underground bunker without them.”

“What’s your point?” Ryuu pouted.

Xander looked down at Ryuu’s lavender top and bright pink trousers, then back at his boyfriend.

“I think,” Sebastian said from the driver’s seat. “That your love doesn’t want our mark to know that it was you who bombed their headquarters, mon cher.”

Ryuu frowned. “But where’s the fun in that?”


Sophie, signing out.

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