Struck by Writer’s Block

Creatures of Hyfern and To the Person in My Attic – suspended until further notice.

It’s annoying how often this happens to me, considering how long I’ve been writing and how many books I’ve actually written. I’ll apologise now because I really took on way too much and I can’t keep doing it if I want my mental health to stay on track.

The difference between all the other times and this time, however, is that I’m still writing. I’ve just not written something that is worth sharing yet. And although blog and media outlets like to publish as much content as fast as possible. I’m more fine tuned. I need everything to be how it should be. I’ll still be writing, and PotD will still be going up. But for the time being, my WIP fictions are on hold. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Telephone: 0300 123 3393
Text: 86463

Their telephone line is open 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday (except for bank holidays).

Switchboard LGBT

Telephone: 0300 330 0630
Online Chat:

Their telephone line is open 10 AM to 10 PM, everyday.

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