How to apply a bald cap

hey pals

today I’m going to be talking you through how to apply a bald cap in depth, i’ll post a video at the end if you’re a more visual learner

you will need

  • A Bald cap
  • Witch hazel – optional
  • Prosaide
  • Acetone
  • Cotton tip
  • scissors
  • Hair gel and a comb and hairbands if long hair
  • Hair dryer – optional

The first step is making sure your hair is smooth back as much as possible, i usually lather my hair in hair gel and then tie it up in a pony tail at the back as I have thick long hair. You want to make sure they’re no bumps and it’s really stuck down. I got super stay hair gel 80p from Morrisons. After this you want to clean your skin using witch hazel (or if you have a makeup remover you can use this) Just so you get all the dirt off and that there are not harsh chemicals going to inflict with others.

Now it comes down to the bald cap, I have tried a couple. Now if I’m honest…. these aren’t too cheap. I did try cheap ones from amazon, but it bit me right in the ass. It said a pack of 4 for £10 thought BARGIN! turns out it was 1… 1 shoddin bald cap.

Baring this in mind I would 100% go for Krylon (pre impression viynl) bald caps. They’re £17.20 each but I got them when there was a sale, whoop. The first thing you want to do is open the bald cap, i usually then use a hairdryer to air it out as it can be creased quiet a bit.

Once that is all aired out you then want to place it over your head, this i where you’ll need your scissors. you want to cut around the edges so it’s just above your eyebrows. This can take some time and that’s really fine you need to go slowly. Once you feel like you’ve cut it round enough to suit your face you then want to get your prosaide.

I use wraths prosaide which is really sticky. You want to get your cotton tip and lift up the bald cap, you want to place it around your face, wait till it dries (you can use the hairdryer to speed it along if it’s taking a while) and then stick the bald cap down onto it. This you want to repeat around the entire bald cap.

At this point it won’t look to realistic…this is where acetone come in. Using another cotton tip you want to place this in the acetone and go around the edges of the bald cap. This will then dissolve the edges of the bald cap and blend it into your skin.

Here’s the video from TikTok:

Now i’m not going to talk you through colouring it, mostly because I haven’t tried it myself as I’ve only done a white and grey look. There are pleanty of videos out there as well on colouring.

I hope this helped and I hope you enjoyed it!

Peace out


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