Blindsided by Spartans

I’ve been using the downtime so far to mainly concentrate on my ‘fun’ writing. It’s not something that will be published any time soon and would need a lot of work (which will eventually happen) to get it into a suitable book-like format.

But…well, I’m starting to miss my ‘real’ writing.

Before, when I was pushing to have Blindsided finished, I’d do what my friend and I would call my ‘Spartans’ – My 300 – and I’d pop them up on my write together page, and feel accomplished. It was a wonderful boost to have first thing in the morning, every day. It was a great feeling. It’s also nice, if I’m being totally honest, to have writing that I can put up there.

But, you see, that then begs the question of, ‘Why Postpone Book Two?’

Well, firstly, I think I was putting it off because, after my editing, I was a bit worn out with the story. There was a lot to do and I’d read it more times than I could count whilst editing. I needed a break, but (and this bit is important) it didn’t feel right to continue with my original plan to make the work into a three-part series. 

After reading it through, it really did feel like a two-parter, and I couldn’t bring myself to follow through with all the dastardly plans that I’d put in place for it before. It wasn’t the right story for that.

I had to change things. I went off-book.

I didn’t have a plan.

Now, I’m a wonderful mixture of a person. I’m someone who loves to just ‘go with the flow’ and ‘wing it’ 90% of the time. It drives my partner crazy…but – and this is a big but – underpinning that ‘winging it’ is a physical need to know what the fuck is going on. Once I have a skeleton of an idea, and a rough set of rules, then I’m all good, babeh. But if I don’t…full-blown headless chicken mode is engaged.

Now, with my writing, that tends to take the form of procrastinating it away until that wonderful itch just has to be scratched. The glorious outbreak that is Covid has just given me that added excuse as my other half has been home with me and is very good at being a distraction.

But the time is right, I think.

I need to get back to my 300. I need to write productive things before my fun stuff, and I need to write through my worry. I know that I will always find a way to make the story work. I also know that if I’ve done something that makes no sense that the people over on Write Together will give me the feedback that I need. It’s just getting that self-discipline back to do it. I need to embrace my inner Spartan and hold the line. (Ahh, inaccurate history is so fun). 

I need to make that damned decision and JUST DO IT.

And so, I do declare, that as of tomorrow, I shall be putting up the first 300 of the year on write together. Blindsided, Book 2, shall begin!

Find book one here

Sophie, signing out.

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