Coming up with ideas

As an artist it’s really hard to come up with ideas sometimes, kinda like a writer’s block. But an artist block… is that a thing? Sounds like it could be a thing… 

Anyhow, here’s my top three things I do when I’ve got a block.

  1. Pinterest

I love pinterest it’s one of the many websites that has a variety (if you want to follow me its @sfxaimee)

It can be quite hard to start at first. I remember just saving really random things, but as soon as it triggers what you like it starts getting good.

Save any pins that have makeup up or any designs you like at first and categories them. 

For example, I have one called ‘Museum things’ which is a bunch of really cool patterns and statues and things you’d find in a museum. (DUH)


I love artists and you can find them anywhere, instagram… on the streets.. Like literally everywhere you go

I usually use, twitter and instagram and use hashtag search like art, artist…etc

Here is a cute account on instagram that i’ve recreated art from before

  1. Facecharts

I love face charts and I love that they’re done on faces… sounds dumb BUT WHO THOUGHT OF THAT GENIUS! It brings art face and makeup together if you recreate any. Here are some of my favourite face chart accounts on instagram

There are plenty of other ways to become inspired

Just keep a clear head and don’t overthink things

Stay safe

Peace out


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