Deck Interview – My Oldest Deck

For today’s post, I decided to take a bit of a left turn, and talk about my oldest Tarot deck, that I’ve had since my late teens. If I’m asked to read the cards by a close friend or feel the need to ask for guidance, they are the deck I reach for. Now I don’t know if this deck is still in print, but I have seen similar ones available online. The deck I have is The Vampire Tarot, and it was printed by U.S Games Systems Inc, whereas most of the others I got around the same time were Los Scarabos. This one has been with me for a long time, and surprisingly still has it’s booklet and 95% of the box.

I gave this a lot of thought and I decided that the best way to introduce everyone to my cards was to do an impromptu deck interview spread. Looking online, I found a few different ones, but the one I have chosen today is a four-card spread. So let’s get into it.

Card 1 – What are you here to teach me? 

For the first draw, I pulled the Seven of Wands, which represents accomplishments. As you can see in the picture I have included, of all the cards in this deck, the wands have points on them. The directions are important when interpreting the message.

As I know these cards well and have a good feel for their language already, I am confident that this is a message about helping me to learn about Tarot generally. This is something that they have been instrumental with, alongside helping me channel a great amount of my spiritual energy. Including channeling guardian spirits, and helping me assist those closest to me working through their issues.

Wands as a suit represent our hobbies and our passions. My very first deck of cards didn’t ignite my spark for the spiritual quite the same as this deck did and continues to do so. Picking them up is like welcoming an old friend round for a cup of coffee.

Card 2 – How can I get the best out of working with you?

An interesting draw for this one – I pulled The Star. One of the Major Arcana, it represents among other things guidance and awakening to the spiritual.

My late teens were certainly an interesting time, and it’s where I feel that I really grew into my mind’s eye and delved deep into all things spiritual. It was a chaotic time, and again and again, I would reach for my cards for a bit of extra guidance. After all these years it’s rather gratifying to hear from the deck that they approve of my choice to work with them as my guide.

My Cards – read from left to right

Card 3 – What is your personality?

Following on from The Star, for this question I got The Moon, which is the next card in the Major Arcana. Another powerful symbol of spirituality and awakening to that which is hidden. I’ve always considered my Vampire deck to have a bit of a playful and sassy personality, in fact when shuffling to do this ‘interview’ the eight of swords dropped out a couple of times before I felt the cards settle. 

In Astrology the moon is considered a planet and represents the private part of us that we don’t usually show to others outside our inner circle. As I know from experience these cards dislike randomly being picked up more so than any other deck I’ve worked with, I am confident that this is them politely asking me to buzz off. Which is in itself rather telling.

Card 4 – What Subjects do you prefer?

For our final question, I drew the Nine of Pentacles. At first glance, this draw intrigued me. The suit of Pentacles is generally associated with finances and issues relating to money. However, it can also be linked to career, and even study. Both of these are subjects I’ve asked for guidance on in the past. However, I generally steer clear of money matters. Hence my initial confusion.

Refreshing my understanding of the card, however, reveals this card represents goals and the attainment of that which we aim for. As I’ve come to expect from this particular deck, it wants to guide and help me decide which path to take when I am a crossroads. Exactly the type of queries I would use them for.

Deck Interviews – My Thoughts

If I am being honest, I would say that this would be much more useful if I hadn’t already established a long working relationship with this deck. For a new deck, I feel that this is a great way to break the ice. Some Tarot decks lean by design towards specific types of questions and I have always felt they have distinct personalities.

My Vampire Tarot, in particular, has been an interesting one to work with, yet always rewarding. No matter how many others come into my life, I don’t think that I’ll ever stop turning to them as my first choice when I need the card’s to guide me.

Spreads, where I interview the many decks in my collection, are something that I am considering. However, I am going to try to use a variety of spreads. My hope is that doing so may help you find the deck that truly speaks to you.

Until next time.  Thank you once more for joining me.

** Please note the pictures of the cards were taken by myself. These are images of my cards. 

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