Finding Happiness within Your Writing

“Even when the world around you is crazy, you will always be able to find a sanctuary within your writing.”

It was a quote – or rather paraphrase of one – that caused me to wonder: When, in my life, will I ever find that?

Well, ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, it happened to me last night.

Yesterday was a…bad day. Nothing significant happened. No one that I knew died or became sick, but everything just…went wrong. Our bath sprung a leak, our oven shorted our electric every time it was turned on and as a result, we now have no light in our bathroom – Thankfully the computers are surge protected. My partner and I started to snipe at each other out of frustration and the landlord – despite his best efforts – couldn’t get a replacement cooker until next Thursday. 

Life, yesterday, was just full of sucky stuff.

At one point, I retreated into my bed and hid under the covers. It felt like I could do nothing right and everything I touched was crumbling apart.

It didn’t matter that most of it was completely beyond my control, or that the parts of it that I could help with had gone pretty well. It felt as if it was all a disaster. My bed was the only safe place that I hadn’t destroyed. It was my safe place for an hour.

Then…something wonderful happened.

All those writers I’d listened to who had described the moment their books became safe havens for them, sang out in a chorus of ‘you’ve got this’. I dragged myself out from under the covers, got dressed in my day clothes again, and began to write.

I sank into a world full of happiness, joy and elated discovery. I immersed myself in a situation that was wholly different from my own…and the fog lifted.

My bad mood…went away. I began to smile, laugh and even hug my other half after I got past a mini-milestone in the story. 

I lost myself in the minds of my characters, and in doing so, found my own happiness again.

I’d wondered, for years, when it would happen to me. When my writing would become a thing that saved my sanity and provided me with a sense of stability and normalcy that my life elsewhere couldn’t. The fact that that time is now, is nothing short of wondrous.

Sometimes, it seems, stepping out of your head and into another, is all the perspective and distance you need, to kick that funk, and see the world anew.

Sophie, signing out.

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