PotD #86: Quarentine make-up, skincare and my watch recommendations

Hey gals n pals… again! 

It’s been really weird in quarantine, I’ve been working from home for the most part of it. Teddy has been…..baking and sewing, which I mean look how cute this was, I want it.

I’ve been doing my best at making the most of the time planning makeup, taking care of my skin and watching tings. I’ve been making bigger and better props and making sure I’ve been preparing before I do the make-up which I hardly ever do. 

Coming up soon is AHS twisty the clown, he has hair and that mask (if you know you know) so i spent a good couple hours making that mask from polymorphe plastic and then I had to create the right length for the hair and shape it and make sure it stood up on my head. But i’ve been pretty proud of myself for doing this as usually i rush things.. so yes GO TEAM, by team I mean me but here we are

I for some reason gathered a hideous spot on my cheek which was MASSIVE, then after two weeks it disappeared and it became three spots on my face. I had to do sfx/makeup that would cover it (the easter bunny and a couple coming up) so have been pretty creative. 

I used some good skin care products as well.

One skin care product that is a life saver is Lush’s Greased lightning. 

I’ve used this so much over the past three weeks, when this is over you have GOT to get it if you suffer from spots. 

I have a couple of recommendations via things to watch as well…

This is sort of like a get to know me as well if you truly think about it, i might recommend something that is terrible and now i have no friends.

Ima put T for tv show and M for movie..


Three things to watch on Disney +

  • Hannah montanna (you know you want to)(T&M)
  • The princess Diaries(M)
  • The marvel films, in order(M)

Three things to watch on Netflix

  • American Horror story (T)
  • To all the boys(M)

Three things to watch on Amazon prime

  • Barely lethal (M)
  • Its a boy girl thing(M)
  • Lucifer(T)

Stay safe

Peace out! 


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