Easter SFX’s

Hey gals n pals

Hope you guys are safe and sound! I hope you guys also enjoyed Easter, it was a weird weekend for us all I think. My family were supposed to go camping and ended up bothering me the whole weekend so….

I also Forgot to post last week so you’re getting two from me this week!! 

I only did two easter looks, I mean this is down to easter only really being one day, there’s not really much of a build up to it. Christmas you got the whole month and October for halloween… but Easter is just Easter to me.

The first look I did was a spur of the moment makeup, I wanted to do an egg and I saw a pic of a chicken coming out of an egg so changed it to a chocolate egg! The things I come across for inspiration are beyond me. 

I used my mehron paradise paints for this and also my BeautyBay eyeshadow palette for shading. Writing Cadbury was so hard though, i’m still working on my details so it took awhile to get it perfect and I had to keep wiping it away and building the purple and shades back up.

The next one I didn’t like the outcome but I spent so long creating the prosthetic I thought I would share on here!

I made the prosthetic from flour and liquid latex. Go to my previous articles for an in depth explanation. 

I then added ears and painted my face which then made the below picture

Because I only did two.. I thought I would share some online which I thought were cool!

This one I just thought was insane, this artist never fails to come up with amazing ideas either!

This isn’t ‘easter’ related HOWEVER the colours are very eastery?

This was a cute one!!! Like a glitz bunny!

Stay safe

Peace out! 


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