Film Review – Aladdin (2019)

A fun time with some welcome changes to the animated original. I’m glad this didn’t turn out to be a shot for shot movie of its animated counterpart. Will Smith also made a fabulous Genie and the entire cast made me jealous of their awesome dancing skills. I rate this movie a 10/10 for what they brought to this movie.

So, my partner and I have been on a musical movie spree lately and we loved the fun music in Aladdin. After a while, we were treated to a new song for Jasmine which was a nice addition to the movie. It wasn’t until Jasmine’s second new song that it felt kind of out of place as she was being taken away by guards and she was singing about having her voice heard. However, after the song is when she put her foot down and told the royal guard that he was disgraceful for pledging allegiance to Jafar just because he made himself sultan. 

Now onto the addition of Dalia. She is Genies love interest in the movie and I loved that. Dalia is Jasmine’s friend and handmaiden. Seemingly a bit posh for living her life in a castle all her life but cares deeply for Jasmine and when she meets Genie they fall head over heels for each other. Genie and Dalia happen to be the couple on the boat with two children at the beginning of the movie which is a nice way to convey that this is a story being told. This meaning Aladdin’s wish to free Genie has made him human. 

Whether you are in the mood for some great music, the classic Aladdin story or some amazing dance choreography this is a great movie to watch. That’s all, for now, ~  bye bye~

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