Peru Responsible for the Abuse of Trans Woman

A Trans Woman has won in the top Human Rights court in the Americas against the Peruvian government.

Azul Rojas Marín was arrested in 2008 while identifying as a Gay Man. She was forcibly stripped, beaten, robbed, and raped with a truncheon by three officers.

Miss Rojas Marín had raised a criminal complaint against the officers, but the state dismissed it. Which is when activists took a stand and raised the complaint to the top Human Rights court in the Americas.

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has ruled it as an act of Torture and have blamed Peru, the Peruvian Government, for the abuse. Her arrest was illegal as the detention was without motive and based on discrimination. The Peruvian Government has been forced to pay Miss Rojas Marín unspecified damages and adopt new protocols to investigate LGBTQ attacks. Also to provide LGBTQ Rights training to all state officials.

The ground-breaking ruling isn’t just crucial to Miss Rojas Marín but also to the rest of the LGBTQ in Peru, hopefully preventing further incidents like this.

Miss Rojas Marín commented:

no words to describe how I feel… After all that happened, a court finally believed in my word.

The Peruvian Government have yet to comment.

For more information on the case, here’s all the details of Azul and her case against the Peruvian Government:

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