Friday ‘forts

It’s been an odd weak.

Around me, the world is changing. People are dying…I saw a bloody purple hearse going down the road…and yet…life, for me, hasn’t changed much.

I still sip my morning coffee, I still stare at the pages of g-docs wondering what to write, and I still chat with my friends online.

My family has actually been communicating with me more in this pandemic than they were before it because I live four hours away in the Midlands, whilst they are all up in Yorkshire. The WhatsApp group that I set up so that we could all keep in touch (they’re in their late 60’s/70’s…I couldn’t use anything complicated) has never been so busy. I get constant updates on my sister’s kid, the progress of their garden and how the sheep in the field across from them are doing. In return, I send them pictures of the cats and my other half. I tell them the latest gossip from our neighbourhood and carefully don’t tell them that the death toll in the hospital up the road is inching closer to 150 people every day.

I don’t mention the number of hearses that I see mixed in with the slowly dwindling number of cars on the road, or the families that I see ‘walking the dog’ together as a group outside. I don’t mention the kids playing in the car park across from me on their bikes or the way that the old people around shake their heads as they actually do take their dogs for a walk.

It’s strange.

The world outside my apartment is changing, but all that has happened for me is confinement inside a bubble.

I caught myself wondering how I’ll react when I can go outside again, this morning. I was trying to imagine how it would feel to stay inside for over a year and then….step out.

I couldn’t.

Apart from the fact that I’d need a LOT of additional vit-D supplements, I genuinely don’t know how I will feel. I do know that I’ll be in this for the long-haul and that, eventually, it’ll end. But…that’s about it.

I’m honestly grateful for the peace I have right now. I know that things will get a lot worse before they get better. I understand that the infection rate around here is still going up and will do for at least a few months, but…one day, that too will drop.

I hope that I can still be this calm when it all draws to a close. I hope that I can still smile at how pleased my cat is that I finally opened up the front window, and that he can jump in and out of it to his heart’s content. I really do.

The world continues to turn. The stars still shine, and nature will always thrive. Hopefully, this confinement will help people appreciate it that little bit more.


Sophie, signing out

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