Story Starts: The Curse of the Pearl Necklace

Today’s story start blossomed forth from the title. I decided to write and see exactly where it took me. Writing blind has produced an interesting result and I’m very pleased with how the characters have developed. I’m looking forward to seeing where you guys will take this one.

The Curse of the Pearl Necklace


Warning, this necklace has been directly responsible for the deaths of at least three of its previous owners. Buyer Beware

Click went my finger.

Bid Accepted came up on my screen.

I drank the few drops of Whiskey that remained in the bottom of my glass and fell backwards, asleep before my head hit the pillow.


“Kevin! Get your fucking lazy ass out of bed; we’re gonna be late for class – again!”

I rolled over and tried to bury myself deeper into the winter duvet. The fact that it was late spring and my end of year exams were looming on the horizon didn’t help.

“Fuckhead!” Came Jun’s voice from the other side of the door. “Don’t make me come in there and get you, because you know I will, and it won’t be pretty if I do. Just because she said no to you again, doesn’t mean you get to make me late for class.”

“Fuck off,” I heard a voice say, then realised it was my own.

“I’m counting to five; then I’m coming in.”

“Go away,” I grumbled.


“Fuck off!”


“I’m not a fucking infant. Leave me alone.”

“I will when you start behaving like you’re twenty rather than…three,” Jun said, far too awake for this time of the morning.

This time I didn’t bother to respond. I’d locked the door the night before. There was no way he was getting in. Fuck class, fuck the world, and especially, fuck Elizabeth – fucking – Parker.


I buried myself deeper.


“Good luck,” I grumbled.

When I heard a key being inserted into the lock of my door, I started to wonder, when exactly Jun had managed to get a copy…and just how long he’d had access to my room.


“When the fuck did you copy my key?” I asked as Jun drove us through the morning fog towards campus.

“Remember last Christmas, when Parker turned you down for the second time, and you didn’t come out of your room for a week?” Jun replied calmly.

“Yeah,” I replied, inspecting my nails.

“I decided that getting a copy of your key was a lot easier than taking the door off its hinges…again. I had Becky distract you and swiped them. You really should pay more attention to the people around you.”

“Well, excuse me for having a little trust in the people I live with,” I griped. I didn’t like thinking about that time and had, until now, successfully wiped it from my memory.

“It’s a rookie mistake. You’ll learn.” Jun patted my knee. It felt more condescending than flirtatious, but it did make me wonder, not for the first time, exactly where Jun’s tastes lay. “When are you gonna learn that she’s not the girl for you and move on?”

“Sorry if I don’t take the advice of the guy that’s broken into my room twice and refuses to give his spare key back.”

“Mate, I got that cut because you were starving yourself to death-“

“I had three pizzas…just because I don’t eat as much as you doesn’t mean I was starving myself. I was doing research.” It was an old argument. Jun could eat for three people, and often did. He was on the swimming team and so burned off most of the calories he took in. I, on the other hand, never seemed to understand why people were so obsessed with food. Yeah, it was nice, but there were far more interesting things out there.

“We didn’t see you for a week. You had a piss bottle in there with you.”

“That was for an experiment!”

“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes and turned us down the side road that led to the hidden back carpark of our campus building.


I’d known from the day I first met her that our lives were destined to be interwoven. 

She was wearing a light pink, flower patterned, floor-length summer dress and flat, white sandals. Her long blond hair was held back in a loose french braid and tied with an olive green ribbon. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Her dancer’s body had drifted over to the Psychology building, and I’d followed without a second’s hesitation. I’d come here with the idea of studying Economics, like my father; but apparently, destiny had an entirely different plan in store for me.


Sophie, signing out.

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