Toy Story 4 Review

Surprisingly dark and an interesting way to give Woody a send off. This movie shows how Woody himself grows up to want something for himself rather than what he thinks his current kid needed. The antagonist in this movie isn’t evil but just obsessed with becoming a kids toy to a fault just like how Woody sees himself as always needing a kid. Toy Story 4 gets a 9/10 from me.

We start off With Woody and the gang trying to save RC from being swept away in a rainstorm storm. However in all this commotion Woody watches as Bo Peep along with her sheep and lamp are taken away. He manages to get to the box containing Bo peep and is then told that it is time for her to get a new kid. She gives him the choice to go with her so they could be together but he chooses to stay and look after Andy.

Many years later with their kid Bonnie, Woody finds himself played with less and less but refuses to be put down by this. Seeing an opportunity to be there for Bonnie he goes to kindergarten orientation with her and as anyone could guess the first day was hell and full of grimy kids who don’t care whether you exist or not. Woody sees Bonnie start to cry and grabs arts supplies that fell into the trash for her and then she makes a toy from trash called Forky.

Forky is very simple at the start and will stop at nothing to be in the trash where they feel most comfortable. This only gets worse throughout the movie until Woody convinces them that Bonnie needs Forky in a very odd way. Later on they find themselves in an antique shop with a one track mind doll called GabbyGabby and her little gang of terrifying looking mannequins.

At this point this movie became a horror movie and I instantly remembered the horror movie Dead Silent. Sufficient to say I’m not a fan of mannequins or any other creepy thing that shouldn’t be moving.

The rest of the movie involves Woody learning about himself and seeing that there is more to life than being a kids toy. I’ll stop here to not spoil everything.

My partner and I watched this recently on Disney Plus in case anyone wanted to know where it can be watched.

That’s all for now~ 

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