My Best Prank

April fools is today!! Now I wouldn’t say that I’m a ‘funny’ person, however I do like to pull a good ol prank.

I’m going to relive my best prank for you so you can take some inspiration! 

I have a friend, her name is Rachel, she’s…..very….ditsy. I love her but my god does she fall for every small little prank. She is the target of most of my pranks.

This is probably my proudest work. 

Now this took weeks to construct due to the fact where I used to work we had two car parks and Rachel used to want to take lunch with me.

I’m going to call this the ‘Fake damage Prank’. It’s funny because Rachel STILL doesn’t know it was me! (Shhhh don’t tell her)

The first step was creating the note, we did it on a napkin as we thought this would be sort of the most common thing you’d keep in your car other than a piece of paper. The area that we worked is very corporate as well and loads of food areas. The second thing was you can’t really predict the weather so we needed to keep the note sort of safe and since we were not sure what day we were going to do it we put it in a plastic lunch bag. 

The note we wanted to make it as real as possible so we asked our colleague (No.2) if we could use his phone number as Rachel already had ours. (When I say ours I did it with another colleague (No.1) because i didn’t want to take all the blame if she found out) So we wrote the note and it read ‘Hi, Sorry for the damage, please give me a call on 07-’ I didn’t write it I got ANOTHER colleague (No.3) to do it. So at this point four people are aware of the prank which makes it funnier I think. 

So… the day comes… Rachel has told us that she parked in the big car park because there was no small spaces. Perfect, it takes us 15 mins to walk there and 15 minutes back. All I need now is someone to distract her from coming to lunch with me and you know what someone up there was listening to me, her mum calls and asks to go out for coffee at 13:30 and that’s great because then I can go out at 12:30. 

You know else was great about this day is we were having a customer service fun day that afternoon by going bowling as a thank you from the company for doing good work. So we would see it all unfold as well, we planned it GREAT. 

Lunch time we made our way to the carpark, took a photo of us putting it on her car and walked back to work. Here’s the photo (this was over two years ago 😦 ) 

Then came home time, me, rachel and colleague number 1 made our way to the car park. Luckily me and number 1 park further than rachels car so we could see her reaction. It was funny because at first she didn’t see it so me and no.1 were like ‘Rachel what on earth have you got on your windshield’ 

She opens it.. Her face is like ‘???’ she then goes ‘oh my god guys someone has bumped into my car’ 

So me and No.1 are like ‘?? oh m gee’ 

We search the car all around… there’s nothing… Rachel is even more confused than before. After chatting a bit about this we decided to drive to the bowling alley and deal with it there. So we do this, Rachel gets this first so when we arrive the whole cc team is gathered round her car.

She’s being all dramatic like omg who would do this. Colleague number 2 has walked over to us, so I had to prepare him for any text messages he’s going to receive. 

When walking over, as i’m the prankster, someone was like ‘Are you sure Aimee is not pranking you I’m a good lil liar so was like? Noooooo… that’s not even my hand writing… or number..???????? 

Rachel messaged him like ‘Hi, I’ve got your note about a scratch are you sure it was my car as nothing on there’ 

The conversation went on, I’m not going to explain it all because you can guess that not much came of it, but seeing the pure confusion in her face was just amazing. 

I would 100% recommend this prank.

Have a good April fools and stay safe

Peace Out

Aimo 🙂

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