I Joined TikTok

I joined Tik Tok in October 2019, I honestly just thought it was a bunch of children making dance videos. So because I thought this, i’m guessing we may all have this misconception I thought I’d show you through my journey so far and some tips on creating content!

When I first looked through the videos there’s LOADS of make-up videos, humor videos, although most videos are dance it wasn’t just children. I really liked the make-up videos and started following some make-up people like @charlottelooks and @trinsmakeup. They are so good at make-up and instantly I just loved the content they were making so I decided to start filming my Christmas collection. 

I gained a few followers, think I had 140 by the end of december which is so cool because I’d only gained that in a month, three years of instagram I had only 300 so I had gained half that. I think tik tok inspired some of the looks that I did over Christmas like the grinch and olaf. The different songs month by month and trends can inspire different make-up looks, such as the Snow Miser song which inspired this:

I then stepped up my game in 2020 as you may know which meant I’ve been posting lots of content on Tik Tok this year, gone from 140 to nearly 2000 followers as of writing this. Which is CRAZY. This is my most liked video which was also trending on pancake day this year, it got 23K likes and 79K views, which was a crazy notification day for me! 


but this scene in Matilda is my favourite 🥞🥞🥞🥞 #foryou #xyzbca #makeup #pancakeday

♬ original sound – cloudaesthetics1

I love that it gives equal opportunities for everyone to go ‘viral’ as well. It doesn’t limit creative content either (unless someone reports it) I was also the one that made Teddy join and if you don’t follow them you should! 

Some tips on creating content:

  1. Find a hobby that makes you happy

There are loads of people on Tik Tok and it can be hard to stand out, so find yourself a hobby and get good at it. Or get bad? depending on what you’re wanting to achieve. Theres this one girl who stood out to me by painting cartoons on rocks which I think is super cute!

2. Use trending sounds

When you set up a business account you can see what the top three tracks your followers listen to. If you don’t do this its most likely going to be trending sounds.

3. Make the first 3 seconds snappy

When scrolling you got around 3 seconds to impress the people scrolling so you’ve got to do something cray cray to grab there attention and keep watching. I do try this.. however its hard coming up with something snapping with makeup, which is why my removal videos do so well because you’re showing the makeup first and then taking it off.

Heres a cute example:


I tried to pout the cleanser in time to the beat and it went everywhere 😅😥 #foryou #fyp

♬ It’s Tricky – Run D.M.C.

But there my top tips and this concludes my lil tik tok article!

Peace out!


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