Trans Day of Visibility 2020

A day to raise awareness of Trans identities, in all of their forms.

It’s an important day, but a sad one considering the lives we’ve lost since our last.

Especially while so many of us are having to self isolate during this pandemic, with people who are insensitive and possibly even transphobic.

I hope that you’re safe, and I hope that you can enjoy this day. It’s an important one for all of us.

If you’re needing some validation, let us know on Social Media. All we need is your name and pronouns, we’ll make sure you feel valid!

Otherwise, sign up to the Validation Station on 07418341984 – text the number with your name, number, and pronouns. This will charge you a standard rate message – unless you have free texts included in your plan, then it’ll be free. (This is not a T3ddyTalk initiative. This was set up by BBC Radio One in the UK, by Radio Presenter Jacob Edward).

Stay safe~

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