Cooking with Teddy: Melt in the Mouth Cookies

A not so healthy snack but something we all love: Gooey Cookies!

I love them so much, they’re gooey on the inside but still slightly crispy on the outside. Perfectly golden brown, and a little crumbly because of the brown sugar.

It’s definitely not something that I should be eating while on a calorie deficit diet… As it takes up the same amount of calories as my lunch time meal. But I feel like it’s worth it!

I made my cookies WAY too big. So I only made 14 when it should’ve been 20, so mine cost 236kcal each, but they’re lovely. And you only need one for dessert (unless you feel cheeky, of course)!

If you ended up making these, I’d love to see how your’s came out, Mine were crispy on the edges because I left them in the oven a little longer than initially anticipated. But that’s just how we like them in this house.

If you did make them, please share a picture! I’d love to see them. Use #CookingWithTeddy so I can see them!

Have an awesome day and stay safe!

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