Post of the Day #67

It’s time to talk about my current favourite YouTube channels. And I’ll apologise now, because most contain a lot of food content…

Tasty – Making It Big Season 1 & 2

What can I say? I really like food content, and big food amuses me. I’m prone to a food challenge every now and again – whether that’s eating it or making it. So, this is a good show for me. And Alvin is an awesome chef!

Binging With Babish

Andrew Rea, also known as Babish, is an awesome dude. Recreating some of the most iconic foods from cartoon and TV shows, he’s awesome. And even better – his voice is perfection. If you need someone to put you to sleep with their sweet vocal codes, this man has a voice for ASMR without needing to be near the microphone…


Charlie is a horrifying artist with immense talent. So, I watch his content… A LOT.

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