Post of the Day #66

Day four of quarantine for me, and I’ve started rewatching shows… So, I thought I’d give you a run down of what and who I’m watching!

Today let’s think of TV shows – I have five that I’m currently rewatching. Some are because they’re amazing, some are for nostalgia reasons only. Here’s 5 of them for you!

1. The Witcher – Netflix
Do I need to explain myself or are we all on the same page? The action is awesome, the cast is amazing. Yeah, Henry Cavill is a POS, but his performance is magnificent.
2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – NBC
I’ve watched all the way through from Season 1 to 6 now. And, honestly, I think 6 has been the best season so far. Very happy that NBC saved them. 1-5 is on Netflix in the UK and 6 is purchasable on Google Play!
3. Shadowhunters – Netflix/ABC
I had to be watching something corny, right? It’s not the best rendition of Immortal Instruments, but it’s easily enjoyable. Especially if you’re looking for a gay romance to be important in the story line – because Magnus Bane is a stunning man, so is Alec…
4. Doctor Who – BBC
I love Doctor Who, can you blame me? It’s currently available on BBC iPlayer in it’s entirety, as well as on Netflix up until the first season of Jodie’s Doctor. So, take a look while you can!
5. Torchwood – BBC/Stars
Torchwood is a nostalgia situation for me. Mainly because I can’t look past John Barrowman’s Transphobia, even though I love Captain Jack Harkness. So, watching this is just for enjoyment of the story, I don’t really appreciate the cast as much as I used to. Torchwood – Season 1 through 4 are available on BBC iPlayer for the next 9 months, so I would recommend watching it now if you’re interested.

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